Cold calling

In order to acquire new B2B sales partners and expand your own business activities, so-called cold calling through telemarketing remains indispensable for start-ups and experienced companies alike. As an experienced partner in telemarketing, we offer you comprehensive support in acquiring new customers and preparing your cold calls.

Cold calling to increase the potential of your sales team

For professional cold calling, we offer outbound telephone services that help you get in touch with decision-makers and win new customers - with your own personal touch.

In doing so, our trained Business Developer Representatives are adept at responding to even hesitant and initially dismissive business customers and persuading them to make an appointment.

Cold calling as a long-term means of increasing success

Spontane Kampagnen für New customer acquisition, wie zum Beispiel über eine Telefonakquise, können zu kurzfristigen Erfolgen führen.

However, professional and successful new customer acquisition goes further and has above all the long-term success of your company in mind. MoreConneXions GmbH is happy to support you in the preparation and planning phase as well as in the implementation of your new customer acquisition.
Die MoreConneXions GmbH unterstützt Sie gerne in der Vorbereitungs- und Planungsphase sowie in der Umsetzung Ihrer Neukundenakquise.

After the cold call, use all the advantages of telephone sales support

Ein potenzieller neuer Kunde wurde durch die telefonische Cold calling akquiriert und hat bereits einem Geschäftstermin zugestimmt.


Now the potential customer should not get the impression that you were only concerned with the acquisition and the conclusion of the contract. Contemporary telemarketing also helps to build a stable customer relationship by providing continuous sales support.

Das Spektrum der Telemarketing-Dienstleistungen, die die MoreConneXions GmbH Ihnen anbieten kann, reicht von der Kaltakquise bis zum After-Sales-Service. Verlieren Sie also die Scheu vor der Akquise und vertrauen Sie auf einen erfahrenen Marketingpartner!

Reduce costs through sales outsourcing

Reduce costs through sales outsourcing Spezialisierung mit einem hohen Qualitätsstandard aus und erledigen ihre Aufgaben mit großer Effizienz.

If these factors are taken into account, external employees are significantly cheaper overall than permanent employees.

Our cold calling offer

We at MoreConneXions know that your sales team is one of the most important parts of your business. That's why we offer a range of services that will help you attract more potential customers.

We are happy to support you and your sales team with:


  • Consultation and planning of your acquisition for more new customers and an increase in your turnover
  • Joint briefing: analysis of the current situation, definition of goals and buyers
  • Targeted training: Our employees are trained to work with your solutions
  • Target group oriented: Analysis of demand and potential of your address database
  • Determination and qualification of decision-making bases and new customer potential- telephone appointments for new customers for your sales department
  • Immediate transfer of qualified leads to your sales department
  • Long-term development of an opportunity pipeline and thus increase in turnover
  • Individual reporting
Accordion Content

Cold calling is the first contact with a potential customer with whom a business relationship does not yet exist. Cold calling is also referred to as "cold calling" or "direct marketing" and can be used to create sales incentives, to solicit donations or in-kind contributions, and to gather information.

The aim of cold calling is to build a rewarding relationship with a potential customer by explaining your product or service to them in a short period of time.

In principle, cold calling is legally prohibited in both B2B and B2C. In B2C sales, private individuals may only be contacted by telephone, fax or e-mail if they have expressly consented to this - e.g. by signature or online by ticking the contact consent box.
Im B2B-Vertrieb gibt es hierbei durch den Gesetzgeber eine Ausnahme (§ 7 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 UWG).: Sie dürfen Geschäftskunden ohne vorherige Zustimmung kontaktieren, wenn diese „vermutlich“ an Ihrem Angebot interessiert sein könnten. Hier besteht die Interessensvermutung in der Regel, wenn ein sachlicher Zusammenhang zwischen dem Produkt/der Dienstleistung und dem kontaktierten Unternehmen besteht. So dürfen Sie beispielsweise als Softwarehersteller einer branchenspezifischen Software, wie z.B. einem Programm für Logistik, in der Branche Logistik und Spedition vermuten, dass diese Interesse an Ihrer Lösung haben. Hier dürfen Sie dann durch die Kaltakquise neue Kunden werben.



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